Engine 6151:
1997 Pierce Sabre

6151 Is the primary response engine for the rural areas in our district. On board, it carries 1000 gallons of water as well as a 2,000 gallon portable tank. Because of this, 6151 is able to operate on fire scenes, without immediate access to fire hydrants. In addition to this role, 6151 is also the primary engine to respond to other fire departments, when they call for assistance.

Engine 6152:
2002 Pierce Sabre

6152 Is the primary response engine for the hydranted areas in our district. In addition to this, 6152 is also the primary engine for all automobile accidents. On board, it carries specialized extrication equipment including power spreaders, cutters, and saws. These enable us to safely and efficiently remove trapped patients, from their vehicles.

Tender 6166:
2009 Pierce Contender

6166 is the primary water supply apparatus. On board, it carries 2,100 gallons of water, and a 2,000 gallon portable tank. If there is a fire in an area that does not have fire hydrants, 6166 is able to shuttle 2,100 gallons of water to the crews operating on scene. Since 6166 also has a PTO driven pump, it is able to pump water to other apparatus, as an alternative to dumping it into portable tanks.

Squad 6175:
1997 Hummer/Fire Attacker H1

6175 is the primary apparatus to respond to all brush and field fires in our district. On board, it carries a 250 gallon water tank, a fire pump, and wildland tools. 6175 is also equipped with front bumper mounted nozzles, which allow it to extinguish fires while still driving. In addition to its wildland gear, 6175 also carries extra auto rescue supplies, and  fire fighting foam.

Rescue 6179
1997 Ford/Wheeled Coach

6179 is the primary medical response apparatus. Although 6179 does not transport patients, it is equipped with the medical supplies needed to care for patients until an ambulance arrives to provide advanced life support. In addition to its emergency medical supplies, 6179 also carries incident command equipment, that is used in the event of a large scale incident.

Utility 6181:
Yamaha Rhino

6181 is a UTV that is utilized for large scale events, where other apparatus would not be able to maneuver.  It is also equipped with a water tank and hand pump, that can be used to help extinguish brush and field fires.